Improve Business Agility Via A Smarter Database!

Is your database smart enough to help you competitively and effectively succeed in today’s fast paced, overloaded, information-packed business environment?

How secure is your data and can you count on a robust push-back during a cyber attack with information of who is the offender and how can you put an end to their malicious activity immediately?

Are your business calculations showing you the areas that you need to improve and to grow your profits and increase the quality of your products and services for your loyal customers?

These are only a few of the many areas a smart database can assist you in growing your business. The first step to take is to conduct a feasibility study on how effective your current database management (DBMS) is doing.

If you already posses the skills of an expert information technology specialist, you can conduct the study yourself or you can put together a team of qualified employees from your company to accomplish the task. If you need to, hire someone or a company who can give you the technical assistance you need.

In either case, when you complete the feasibility study, analyze its conclusions and determine the key issues that directly effect your business. At this point, immediately prepare a requirements document that specifies all of the objectives gleaned from the feasibility study and contribute to fixing any shortcomings highlighted by the effort so far.

Armed with these studies and documents, prepare your design plan and your development plan that will provide your database management systems with the software fixes it needs to improve its business functions and thereby add flexibility to its future agility.

Deploy the new system gradually being sure your employees are carefully trained to handle the new features that have been introduced. It is important to remember that this step-by-step approach of feasibility analysis, requirements analysis, design and development planning, and extensive training for users of the system is a proven track record for DBMS improvement.

With the concentration given to all facets of the data making up your business and the embodiment of these data features added to your database gives it its smartness. And a smart database provides you with a faster data-driven decision making agility.

The software introduced to solve the current problems discovered in your system must also be deigned to become easily modified features in the future since no one can be sure of market dynamics. But that is exactly what an agile-smart design approach will accomplish and using the information technology tenets mentioned here is what assures success.

Tom Gruich

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