Monthly Archives: February 2012

Computerized Robotic Surgery Improves Recovery Time and Reduces Costs

Computerized robotic surgery and robot-assisted surgeries are being performed throughout the world to improve surgical outcomes and patient recovery time, as well as to reduce scarring and loss of blood.  Advanced software collects data for the physician to review, including imagery of the interior organs.  At some point, not too far in the future, these […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Computer Assisted Surgery.

What Is Computer Assisted Surgery? CAS refers to a surgical concept that involves the use of computer technology. It is also referred to as computer aided surgery, computer assisted intervention, and surgical navigation. How Does It Work? CAS combines the precision of computer technology and the skill of a surgeon. The advances in health field […]

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The Latest GPS Business Apps

The GPS business apps are numerous and varied. The tracking applications are among the best known, but there are other ways that businesses are using the technology. You can learn about some of them here. Safety Handheld trackers are being used in homes and healthcare facilities to increase safety for the elderly. Some of the […]

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