Monthly Archives: January 2011

A Smart Database With Agile Coding – Solves Many Problems.

A smart database is designed and built along the lines of an agile internet of things model. By that, I mean that it should have all of the characteristics of an application that processes sensor signals over the internet and has a programming core that takes action along the lines of a streamlined procedure to […]

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Articulated Database Design Insights are Hard to Find

With artificial intelligent (AI) software driving every new application you can think of – and more, it is important to keep in mind that every part of these new software driven devices need to contain flexible joints that allow for easy connections to numerous parts of automated machines. And the most likely choice for flexible […]

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New Designs Of GPS Monitoring Systems have Improved Asset Tracking.

The use of business transportation has always been an important contribution to expanding the profits of a company – particularly those that depend on customer delivery of products. This continues today at an even greater rate because of the introduction of GPS. Now, GPS is a solid asset for the majority, if not every, company.The […]

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An Example – Why Medical Applications Need Better DBMS Designers.

Medical Applications suffer more costs because of the lack of quality DBMS (Database Management System) designers, developers and installers. If you are the small business owner and you have the skills of a software technologist you can be the provider of these services. Otherwise, you can contract the requirements out for a skilled expert. Either […]

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What Does it Take To Build A Software Business?

The following write up concentrates, in a broad way, with the fact that any set of requirements for a software company are pretty much the same. We have considered GPS as a possible application your client might request as an example. But we do this only to show that more is needed to build a […]

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