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Database Driven Issue Management

No matter what industry you are in, you are faced daily with issues that need to be resolved. If you are a manufacturer it might be defects that result in scrapped material, delayed shipments and cost overruns. If you are a software developer it might be coding errors in a released product which are affecting current or potential customers. If you are a project manager it might be forgotten or delayed tasks which resulted in a budget overrun.

How a Good Software Consultant Can Help Your Business

Hiring a software consultant could help your small business grow, while reducing your daily costs at the same time. In other words, you would be making a good investment by hiring someone competent to help determine your company’s needs and help create programs to meet those needs.

A GPS Database and Fleet Tracking Software Helps Everyone Save Money

The use of a GPS database combined with appropriate fleet tracking software can be used by local governments and individual business owners to keep track of buses and other vehicles, while providing drivers with important information to safely speed up the trip. The technology pays for itself in the long run by reducing fuel usage, maintenance and the number of accidents.

A Financial Database Profiler is Your Best Design Approach

A Financial Database Profiler is generated upon completion of an exhaustive requirements study that carefully combines accounting rules and database technology rules into a coherent design scenario. If you or your company cannot account for the knowledge necessary for the business systems requirements of accounting and software analysis, then you must consider contracting for these services

An Innovative Database Design Method Improves Business Processing

This article is intended to give you a single idea that we think is innovative and that you can hopefully use to spur on your design and development tasks and help you build a database system that will meet most if not all of your business needs.

You can find additional info tech articles at Database Mapping and Database Design.

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Find Your Spot Designing Mobile Cyber Security Apps

A mobile cyber security app business might just be the opening that you’re looking for as a trained IT professional. There are many different opportunities out there in the IT field these days, and the ever growing sea of mobile devices has brought a whole new wave of them, not the least of which is providing security for your information while you’re on the go.

Mobile technology is everywhere these days…from cars and planes to major appliances to your home security system…almost everything runs on computers. And where there are computers there is the risk of the information stored inside them being accessed by hackers. We’d like to think that our information is safe, but you can’t ever be too careful.

And all it takes is one such attack to bring your whole computer system to its knees. With so many people carrying mobile devices these days that need for security is only heightened. Not only do businesses need to be extra vigilant, so too do individuals with smart phones and tablets. Anything computerized can be hacked and any such compromise can be costly. This is where the need for an experienced IT professional with a mobile cyber security app business comes in.

Because let’s face it…we may all be carrying this technology but that doesn’t mean we all know how to use it. IT professionals who have the particular training to understand how computer systems work and how to guard against potential cyber threats are essential. Create your own business that offers mobile apps focused on cyber security and you’ll likely find potential customers flocking to your door.

In this field, one thing you won’t have to worry about is becoming obsolete. Because the scary truth is that for every mobile technology that exists, there are almost as many different kinds of cyber threats. The hackers are always out there, planning their next mode of attack and so there will always be a need for handy mobile apps that can provide all the cyber security you need at the touch of a finger.

When you consider the possibilities, it becomes more and more apparent why cyber security is so important. For businesses, both large and small, that need is even more critical. They need computer systems to keep them in contact with customers. Without this technology, they can’t hope to compete. So they will be that much more eager to keep one step ahead of cyber threats and that much more willing to hire someone with the expertise to ensure they can do it.

While creating and starting a mobile cyber security app business may seem like a complicated endeavor, as a trained IT professional, you should have all the knowledge you need to pull this off. And you can put that knowledge to good use by offering your potential customers suggestions about how best to protect their information, analyzing their existing system and targeting any potential flaws and working out a specific plan of attack to defend against cyber attacks.

Don’t assume that your options for success in the world of IT are limited. Consider the world of cyber security, especially in the mobile sector, and you could find just the money-making opportunity you’ve been looking for. Your customers are out there waiting for you, you just need to find the right way to approach them and market yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be the next big name in cyber security!

Tom Gruich

Database Design – The Heart of IT

A database design business is something that every highly skilled IT professional should consider when opting to setup their own online business. That’s because the proper handling and management of data is the lifeblood of every business and without it, businesses would come crashing to a halt. Whether business owners realize it or not, they need quality database management. As an IT pro, it’s up to you to make them realize it.

Again, data is vital to every business. This cannot be stressed enough. From something as simple as names and addresses of customers, to inventory lists to sales statistics, there is a tremendous amount of information that business owners use to gauge just how successful their business is and to decide which direction to take it in.

In order to manage that data, businesses become reliant on computer systems. Some are more complicated than others, but all have the same basic purpose: to help record, track and store that crucial data. But once data begins to be collected you have the question of what to do with it next? How do you figure out ways to manipulate that data in order to learn from it? That’s the basis of a good database design.

While most business owners may understand the need for analyzing and using their data, they generally don’t have the specific skills necessary to design a useful database. That’s when they usually turn to IT professionals to tap into their unique skill set and get the help they need. And this is why having a database design business of your own could put you in the driver’s seat.

Unlike those untrained business owners, you have the ability to look at sets of data and figure out the best system for manipulating them in order to get useful results. You do this by considering the data itself, then looking at how various data elements relate to each other and finally using those relationships to form an overall structure within which the various data sets will work together.

It may seem matter of fact to you as an IT professional, but to most standard computer users it’s almost like trying to read Chinese. It can seem overwhelming and that can give you an opportunity to step in and offer your services as a translator of sorts, enabling business owners to better understand their own data so that they can make the most of it and ultimately make the most of their business.

Since the interpretation of data can ultimately lead to greater profits, it’s something that all business owners should be eager to take advantage of and that should allow you to position yourself for success as well. With the proper marketing and the use of internet-online contacts, your database design business can become the go-to-solution for all sorts of business owners and before you know it you’ll be earning that income you always dreamed of.

When you’re thinking about setting up your own business, don’t overlook the advantage that your knowledge of database design gives you. Offering your services in what is truly the heart of IT may give you just the opportunity you’ve been looking for to establish yourself in the field. So put those data management skills to good use today!

Stepping Into The World Of 3D Printing May Be Your Smartest Move Yet

Ever considered starting your own 3D printing online business? Well maybe it’s time you did. This exciting new trend in advanced technology is quickly taking the world by storm and the more popular it becomes the more the demand for it will increase. Not surprisingly, with that demand comes a world of possibilities for talented IT professionals to make their mark.

Truly, the possibilities that 3D printing brings with it are nothing short of amazing. Of course they are also quite challenging, as the 3D printing process can be very intricate and complicated and may require specialized skill. Not a bonus for eager business owners who want to put it to use for themselves but a distinct advantage for IT professionals like yourself who have the know-how to help them use the specialized software, designs and equipment involved.

There are different types of 3D printing online-business-entities that you could start. The most obvious is one where you create and market your own 3D designs. This is particularly exciting for those who combine their flair for technology with a flair for the creative. It involves mastering CAD and using different types of software to create unique products that you can then direct market to your audience. The limits for this kind of business are bound only by your own imagination and ability.

If you don’t want to go this route, you can still offer your services to businesses that may have ideas of their own but lack the knowledge, equipment or time necessary to bring them to reality. By helping them to create their own pieces without spending a fortune, you can give them the ability to retain control of their own designs while putting your own technological skill to use without having to actually create the designs yourself.

Of course either of these first two options assumes that you have access to the often extremely pricey equipment necessary for 3D printing. If this is not true in your case, you can still establish a 3D printing online business by setting yourself up as the middleman between businesses with designs and individuals with the ability to do the actual printing.

In this way, you can use your own knowledge of the technology involved in 3D printing to consult with companies on their design ideas, help them produce workable designs if they don’t’ have them already, and pair them up with someone who can then turn those designs into reality. This kind of service could be attractive to businesses that don’t have the time to spend on it themselves or the technological expertise that would allow them to identify the right printer to work with.

What makes the whole concept of 3D printing so enticing is the ability to bring your design ideas to life while maintaining control over the entire manufacturing process, something that hasn’t been a reality for businesses up to now. With this new technology, that possibility is now becoming a certainty and with your IT training, you could be an important player in this bold new world.

When you’re looking to find your niche in the IT world, don’t forget about the possibility of having your own 3D printing online business. It could be just what you were looking for and could open up all sorts of exciting opportunities for you!

Tom Gruich

Make Your Statement Through Value Added Networks

A value added network connectivity business would sound like something out of science fiction to most people, yet this can be an extremely useful service for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to launch an IT related online business, you might well want to consider the whole field of value added networks (VANS) as your area of expertise.

So what exactly is a value added network? Simply put, it’s a private network provider, used to transmit information from one business to another. Though it is certainly possible to use the World Wide Web for this purpose, many businesses find it more economical and secure to use an independent VAN in order to move their information.

But using a value added network comes with its own set of issues and processes and companies may need help navigating these waters. As an experienced IT professional, you can step in and provide the knowledge they need to access a VAN and use it effectively for their individual needs. If it means the difference between running in place and being able to connect with other businesses and expand their reach, and consequently their profits, companies will be eager to do what it takes to make this technology work for them.

The bottom line for any business is making money and part of that equation is keeping expenses down, even as you drive profits up. Using traditional service providers on the Internet is one area where businesses can end up spending more money than they’d like, in the form of monthly fees and per character charges. Using a VAN can help to avoid these extra costs, which is something businesses love.

These days, value added networks offer many services including EDI translation, encryption, secure e-mail and management reporting. With your own value added network connectivity business, you can help companies find the right VAN to suit their needs and set them up so that they can put it to use smoothly and efficiently.

In this way, not only can you help them to get their information where it needs to go, but you can also help them avoid unnecessary expenses and make connections with other businesses that will improve their reach and further their own goals. In short, you’ll be helping them make the business-to-business connections that are the mainstay of any successful company.

You may not think that finding and using VAN’s is that complicated, but to many business owners it can be like trying to read Ancient Greek. With your unique IT background, you can help to make the whole process that much easier and prove your own worth to your customers’ businesses.

Everyone knows that in business, as in life, good communication is everything. Why not consider a value added network connectivity business in order to help facilitate communication between businesses? Helping one company reach out to another might just be the niche you’ve been looking for and it could translate into business success for you as well as your clients.

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Keeping IT On The Go With A Mobile App Design Business

These days it seems everyone you see has their nose connected to their phone or tablet. Our society is constantly on the move and they want technology that they can take with them. This has also meant that businesses need to adapt to this shift and make sure that their information is getting to customers no matter where they are. All of which has opened up the door for a quality mobile app design business.

In order to keep up with the latest technology trends and to satisfy customers who require instant gratification, it’s almost a requirement for any business to have a mobile app. But not all businesses understand how to create an effective app and as a trained IT professional, you can step in and fill that gap.

There is more to being mobile than just having an app. You need to be sure that your app is easily accessible, navigable and reliable. Everything from the size and position of the app button on a screen to the way information is displayed once the app is accessed can have a big impact on whether the app is successful with customers.

As part of a mobile app design business, you need to understand all of this and be able to bring it all together to create a high quality final product. That begins with having a flow map so that you know exactly what steps you need to take in which order for the app to do what the customer wants it to do.

With your plan in place, you can then begin to design in earnest, keeping in mind things like having an app button that is big enough and spaced far enough from other buttons so that it is easy to tap on the fly without causing any problems. Then once the customer has accessed the app, you need to be sure that it works smoothly and accurately.

This could mean limiting the use of animation, carefully tailoring graphics and making sure that it is easy to move around the app, even when the individual accessing it may be distracted or moving quickly. The better the customer experience, the more likely they are to continue using that app and recommend it to family and friends, and that word of mouth advertising is invaluable to businesses.

Your role as a skilled IT professional is to put your knowledge of computer systems and applications to use to create the most effective mobile app. The service you provide to companies will enable them to broaden their reach and engage with existing and potential customers on a whole new level, something that can mean greater profits for them.

The world is on the go these days, and that means the field of IT has to stay on the go as well. Starting a mobile app design business is the perfect way to do just that. That way, you can help businesses keep pace with their customers and that can mean putting yourself in the fast lane to success.

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